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Region of Primorsko-Goranska County - City/Town of Rijeka


City/Town of Rijeka

City/Town : Rijeka
Region : Primorsko-Goranska County
Country : Croatia
Continent : Europe
Population : 128,624
Area : 44.0 sq km
Latitude : 45°19′N
Longitude : 14°25′E
Visiting Rijeka

Rijeka (Italian: Fiume) is a city in Kvarner. It is the principal seaport of Croatia, located on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea. It has 128,735 inhabitants (2011) with greater city area reaching up to 200,000 and is Croatia's third largest city. 
The best way to see Rijeka’s Cultural and historical monuments is to follow the tourist path that gathers all of the most important sights for this town and its history. Most of them are accessible by foot, as they are mostly located in or near the city centre, but to see Trsat Castle you will need to take a short car/bus ride. Other option, the more adventurous one, is to climb 561 Trsat stairs that lead from city centre to Trsat. The Trsat Castle is worth the effort. Also, a helpful travel companion is free AdriaGuide Rijeka mobile application [14], for smart phones and GPS navigation. 
  • Trsat Castle represents a strategically embossed gazebo on a hill 138 meters above sea level that dominates Rijeka. As a parochial centre it was mentioned for the first time in 1288. Trsat Castle is one of the oldest fortifications on the Croatian Coast, where the characteristics of the early medieval town construction have been preserved. Today Trsat Castle, beside the souvenir shop and the coffee shop, is enriched with new facilities – gallery space where art exhibitions are held as well as open-air summer concerts and theatre performances, fashion shows and literary evenings. 
  • City Tower, a symbol of Rijeka and a good example of a typical round tower access-point, which leads into the fortified town. Today it dominates the central part of Korzo and is often used as a meeting place for local people. 
  • The Our Lady of Trsat Sanctuary is the largest centre of pilgrimage in western Croatia. It is famous for its numerous concessions and for the pilgrimages by numerous believers throughout the year, and especially on the Assumption of Mary holiday. 
  • No supermarket can replace the charm of the personal contact with the vendor or the excitement of the unpredictable purchase at the main City market – Placa. The harmonious compound of two pavilions and a Fish market building where, in the morning hours, the real Rijeka can be experienced. 
  • Torpedo – launching ramp The launching ramp from 1930s is an item belonging to the closed torpedo production factory. It is proof of the technical inventive of Rijeka during this period and at the same time is an important world landmark of industrial heritage. 
  • For other cultural and historical monuments of Rijeka such as The Governor's Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, Molo Longo, The Old Gateway or Roman Arch, Capuchin church of Our Lady of Lourdes and many other interesting places visit the pages of Rijeka Tourist Board.
Museums, Galleries etc
Museums, collections and exhibitions – Rijeka is a city with an unusual, turbulent past. The best places to discover the whole story on Rijeka are its museums, amongst its rich collections and exhibitions. 
  • Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral Located in the beautiful Governor’s Palace building, it preserves a large part of Rijeka's history and maritime tradition. Besides its continuous ethnographic exhibition, visit our collection of furniture and portraits of people from Rijeka’s public life. 
  • Natural History Museum. Besides the botanical garden, the museum is a multimedia centre with an aquarium containing species from the Adriatic Sea. Besides fish, sharks and sea rays, the museum also conserves species of insects, reptiles, birds and amphibians. Ideal entertainment for both children and adults. 
  • Rijeka City Museum. The museum includes eleven collections: fine arts, arts & crafts, numismatics, valuable objects, medals, arms from the Second World War and from the Croatian War of Independence, a collection of theatre and film material, philately, photography, press and technical collections. 
  • Modern and Contemporary Art Museum. The museum collects works of art by Rijeka artists from 19th century and both Croatian and foreign artists from 20th and 21st centuries. 
  • Peek & Poke - "Museum" of old computers [18] In this continuous exhibition over 1000 expositions are exhibited from around the world and from Croatian computer history. Located in an area of three hundred square meters, in the centre of Rijeka it is the largest exhibition of its kind in this part of Europe. 
  • The St. Vitus Cathedral Sacral Collection. The collection is located in an attractive location, in a gallery above the internal part and above the church's altar, whilst the thesaurus is located in the atrium of the Cathedral’s locale. The sacral “Jesuits' heritage” collection includes some very rare exponents. 
  • Thesaurus and Gallery of Our Lady of Trsat’s Sanctuary. The monastery treasury holds works of extraordinary esthetic and material value, paintings, reliquaries, lamps, chalices, ecclesiastical robes, while the Chapel of Votive Gifts houses gifts dating from the 19th century up to date. 
  • Memorial Library and the Mažuranić-Brlić-Ružić Collection. The library and Mažuranić-Brlić-Ružić collection are located at Pećine, in Rijeka inside the villa of the famous Rijeka's family, Ružić. 
  • Permanent Glagolitic Alphabet Exhibition. A permanent exhibition has been collocated in the Rijeka University Library known as “Glagoljica” in which the Glagolitic written and printed heritage has been presented, especially that of the north Adriatic area where the first Croatian (Glagolitic) books were printed. 
Theatres. Should you wish to go to the theatre, you can choose from those suitable for adults or for children, go either at the Croatian National theatre or at one of Rijeka’s smaller independent theatres. When it comes to cinema [23], no-one can dispute taste – in Rijeka you can find art cinema and multiplex. 
  • Kantrida pools complex of five newly furnished pools, located by the sea with an amazing view over the nearby islands and Istria. 
  •  If you miss the adrenaline, some ten kilometers from Rijeka is an auto-moto track Grobnik [25] where you can try your riding skills or watch how the professionals do it. 
  • Diving around the coast of Rijeka.  The Adriatic has one of the most indented coasts in Europe and its northern part is especially attractive for divers who like to dive on the underwater cliffs. The area offers various diving conditions both for beginners and for advanced divers. Besides the extremely clear sea and wealth of underwater life, underwater cliffs with gorgonian corals and caves can be found here as well as ship wrecks. 
  • Astronomical Centre Rijeka. Learn about the stars in this unique astronomy centre both in Croatia and abroad. Besides sky objects, from Sveti Križ hill, where it is located, a beautiful view extends over the Rijeka Bay and mountain hinterland. 
  • Rijeka’s beaches.  Rijeka has the beach for everyone’s taste and thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the bathing season begins in spring and lasts until late autumn. With regard to the city location, Rijeka’s beaches are located to the far east and to the far western parts of the city, and you can choose your favorite – large and noisy or small and secluded, pebbly, concrete, rocky, hidden… City buses drive to all beaches and there is free car parking close to all of them. 
  • Parks and promenades. Nature lovers and more active visitors can discover the city in a different way – by researching Rijeka’s promenades by the sea, urban or forest areas, and for those less active, parks are the best option for taking a break during a walk around Rijeka.